Government Museum And Art Gallery

It is situated in Chandigarh India. This is a beautiful museum of North India.
Established in May 6, 1968 by Dr. M. Randhawa Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh.
There is big collections of Gandharan sculptures, Rajasthani and Pahari and miniature
painings. It was housed in the Central Museum Lahore that time, it was the capital of Punjab.In August 1947, India divided into to state India and Pakistan, due to that 60 percent part of museum come under

Pakistan and the rest of the part has granted to India.
It was designed by Le Corbusier during the period of 1960-62. Till the 1967 construction has accomplished.
Address: #502 sector 10C, Chandigarh 160011
Timings - 10am to 4:30pm
All days in week except Monday 
Entry fee - 10 INR per person and 5 INR for per Camera

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Images Of the Government Museum art Gallery

1.Padmavati The Goddess Sholapur 17th Century A D
2. A beautiful  young woman after  bath carrying water
2.A woman binding her hairs after bath